17 noviembre 2010

B O U T ~ M A ~ L U V

Name: Cristhian Valle
Originally from: Honduras
Met him where? Sam Houston High School
(art class)
Met him when? Year 2003
He was my boyfriend for: 10 months
I went to live with him on: February 14 2004 (Valentine's Day)
We've lived in: New Orleans Louisiana and of course Houston TX
What i love the most about him: his strenght, cuteness, sence of responsibility, sence of humor,etc etc.
What i like the least abou him: uuumm that he's soo distracted when watching TV.

Anyways im writing about him

because i was recalling this morning

why we got together. Everything is

fun when im with him even a regular

routine changes for good. Also

because i have soo much to thank him

for, specially for giving me strenght

and support when i need it. He has really showen me

how to be strong minded and a little bit more open hearted.

We're still learning how to be the best couple and it comes with its downturns but love, comprehension, respect, trust and faith always comes to both our minds at the end of each fail, therefore we get up together again, always having learned something. I really love this man and hope to be with him untill we're old folks, Haha : ) sounds funny but it'll be nice to look back and just admire the path we'll leave behind throughout our complemented walk.

I could say a lot more but i would't finish today. LOL